The Digital HQ for Athletic Performance.

The only sports platform you need to bring your people, data and decision-making together.

Why Lumin?

Our software equips coaches, athletes and teams with the tools they need to create efficient and effective performance environments.

Boost Performance & Wellbeing
By integrating your objective data sets and capturing wellness data via the mobile app, you’ll have all the information you need to make informed and impactful decisions.
40% Reduction in Admin Time
With everyone and everything accessible in one central platform, there’s no need for multiple apps, multiple logins, outdated spreadsheets, and long email chains.
Improve Injury Management
Understand training loads & fatigue, store injury notes & documents & better communicate player statuses.
Improve Recruitment Prospects
What's your organisation's unique selling point? A World-class platform to attract World-class talent.
Improve Communication
Communicate your way. Noticeboards, Instant Messaging, Calendars, and automated notifications ensures your team is in sync and up to date.
Centralise all your Team Data
GPS, Weights, Wellbeing, Injuries, Force plates - visualise and analyse everything in one place.

Everything your team needs in,

One. Central. Platform.
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Trusted globally. Built for all teams.


Partnered With World Leaders

Flinders University NHSSCA NSCA


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Case Studies

Woodville West Torrens FC
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Auckland United FC
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California State University Fullerton
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Norwich University
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